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Customers with support contract

Over 80% of our clients have a technical assistance contract!

If you choose for a technical assistance contract, you can have the following advantages: upgrades included for all Spectrum applications, 17% discount for travel costs, 20% reduction for the costs of our interventions.

For a technical assistance contract please call:
0268 323 400 sau 0723 556 783.
  • Signing a technical assistance contract between the beneficiary (client) and executed (Spectrum firm) implies a higher degree of accountability on both sides;

  • A technical support contract offers priority and prompt response to customers who have signed a contract for technical support in relation to those who didn't closed this type of contract;

  • The response time for an intervention, is diminished for customers with contract, maximum 4 working hours for major cases, or up to 16 working hours in less serious situations, unlike the situation with no contract when customers have to confirm the payment amount estimated as the value of the intervention, and then, depending on staff availability, the problem is solved;

  • Updating software modules for clients with contract, is included in the monthly subscription price, as opposed to customers without a contract, receiving updates Paid (1.25% of the license * number of months when modules havenít been updated);

  • Travel costs to the customer in case of intervention for clients with contract, is with 17% reduced than the one for customers without a contract;

  • The remote support is included in the price only for customers with a technical support contract;

  • The cost per hour of intervention for the customers with contract, is reduced by 20% compared with the cost for customers without a technical assistance contract.


Benefits Customers with
technical assistance contract
Customers without
technical assistance contract
According to the technical assistance contract By order and after payment
Priority According to the technical assistance contract In the limit of time available, after solving problems with clients with support contract
Upgrade included -
Shifting costs -17% -
Cost per intervention hour -20% -

Customers without support contracts

1. Order form by e-mail

To each order is assigned a number, which will be automatically generated and used for subsequent references.

For a more effective intervention, details of the problem and data connection are required.

Name *
Company *
Adress *
Phone *
Message *
as detailed as possible with connection data
Validation code *
Biliard Shop

Fields marked with * are required

2. Order by fax

For providing technical support, if a contract for technical support, haven't been signed, an order by fax, signed and stamped, is required.

The order will include description of the problem in detail, in order to facilitate the intervention. Data connections are also necessary.

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Fax 0268 323 400
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