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Spectrum is an IT company that develops software applications, providing software, hardware, and technical assistance, in accordance with customer needs.

Since 1999, based on a philosophy of constant development, our experience and client-centered approach, is applied to large businesses and little ones.

Our goal is to help customers to manage their business more effectively, by automating their business and releasing them to concentrate on the key aspects of their business.

"The quality of a product or service lies not in what supplier uses. Is what the customer gets and he is willing to pay. A product doesn't mean quality because it is difficult to manufacture it or because of its costs, as manufacturers usually belive. This is incompetence. Clients pay only for what they consider to be useful and valuable.. Nothing else constitutes quality." (Peter F. Drucker)

The way to success and maintaining high standards, requires working within a functional and well defined management system. So, Spectrum has the SR EN ISO 9001.

ISO 9000 standards for quality management system, aim to ensure customer's satisfaction and getting comply products and services.

A certified quality management system demonstrates the organization's commitment to quality and customer satisfaction. Confidence in ability to produce "quality" of an organization, is the premise for a lasting relationship, mutually beneficial with all customers of the organization.

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