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Spectrum promotes mobility


Virtualization and mobility represent two features that are compulsory present in any current software application.

Regarding virtualization, SPECTRUM has chosen ORACLE complete solution, including:
  • Oracle VM (FREE OF CHARGE)

  • Oracle Enterprise Linux, as operating system (FREE OF CHARGE).
In terms of mobility, since 2003, Spectrum has integrated trackers in its complete retail solution.

Currently, all SPECTRUM solutions have integrated mobile terminals, as follows:

integrated mobile terminals for:

a. Quantitative reception - bar code based
b. Delivery for all verticals developed (milk, ice cream, meat, preparations)
c. Inventory
d. The SFA solution agents

Mobile terminals are used both in off-line mode, with constant synchronization of data with the central server, and also in on-line mode, using specifically pages made for mobile terminals.

Can be used any terminals operating Windows Mobile system and Android system.

In Retail SMK suite, are integrated mobile terminals for:

a. Entry of the goods in supermarket
b. Delivery of goods from supermarket (other goods than on tax receipt)
c. Inventory (general or partial)
d. Goods booking solution
e. Warehouses, delivery to supermarkets
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