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Grain mill management


GRAIN MILL MANAGEMENT module represents a concept focused on "vertical integration" specific for seed processing in order to obtain grist products.

The module is created in web technology on Oracle 11g database and Oracle APEX package 4. This means that all users will connect to a server application through a simple link into a browser installed on your workstation from anywhere, anytime. This freedom of connection is settable depending on customer options.

The application concept fully respects the specificity of this kind of production activity.
The user has available a structure that covers all the milling business aspects starting from contracts with seed suppliers until beginning of final products management.

Contracts with seed suppliers - reflected in the various price agreements. Pricing policy is attributed to a higher level of management and everyone else will see or not the prices according to the internal procedures.

Raw material (seeds) entries. Assisting of raw materials entries on four levels
  • Transport registration
  • Performing tests on seeds samples. Automatic comparison with the seeds standard parameter values and automatic establishment their QUALITY LEVEL.
  • Approval of transport activities. You can set one or more levels of approval for different level of responsibility: grain mill manager, purchasing manager, general manager according to price agreements with suppliers.
  • Automatic batch input
Seeds storing.
  • Management of the seeds stocks at the silo / storage cell level. Any entry in storage contains already all the parameters resulted from tests. The application offers the possibility to set to the stocks in the locations to keep the weighted average values for each parameter.
  • All movements between storage locations are controlled by transfer processes from raw material locations, with or without calculating weighted averages of parameters.
  • Traceability by reference to the raw material batch
The Milling Process batches
  • Milling process batch definition: association of raw material inputs from separate locations or from a centralized location with highlighting the seeds parameters.
  • Milling process output definition: products combination specified at the beginning or the end of process. All output of finished mill products will be related to the mill process batch from which it resulted.
  • Milling process technology flow: WETTING / REST / MEAL / GRINDING, adjustable for any combination of them or number of phases for an option (e.g. REST 1/ REST 2). Real-time monitoring of the grinding process by introducing starting/ending time for a stage of technological process.
  • Possibility of taking weights from scales on milling process technology flow.
  • Production report and automatic generation of final products batch.
Milling Process Flow Analysis
  • Choosing final products for which the rules require that certain parameters to be analyzed.
  • Final products parameters defined according to the standards; automatically obtaining of the analysis results by comparing measured values with standard parameter values
  • Automatic generation of the analysis report based on flow analysis
Final products storage
  • Management of the final products at the silo / storage cell level. Any output from storage contains all the parameters resulted from tests.
  • All movements between storage locations are controlled by transfer processes between final product locations.
  • Traceability by reference to the final product batch.
Packaging and delivery of final products toward management
  • Setting packing units: 10, 25, 30 ... kg, bulk packing products; assistance for packing of the final product resulted from one or more milling process batches
  • Generation of production notes for the mill management regarding the packaging process
Preparing reports for management regarding water and power consumptions.

Reports: a standard set of reports covering operational needs and synthesis of information. All reports are settable, admit different filters and that can be sorted by various criteria
  • Direct reports for each action
  • Register for raw material grading
  • Register for raw material input
  • Report for milling processes batch
  • Quality production batch report
  • Storage activity report
  • Raw material storage sheet
  • Final products storage sheet
  • Daily report
  • Milling process batch synthesis
  • Milling process batch report with/without standard parameters
Security: the module has set a set of roles, functions and operating rules. According to these rules, users get rights for one or more mills locations, one or more milling process stages, raw material input, inputs approval, access to the laboratory tests and finished products delivery.
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