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Enterprise resource planning (ERP) Sirius

version 2.17

The role of ERP

ERP strategic objective is to maximize business performance and to control the business processes.

This is a set of questions, which must have answers before purchasing an ERP solution:

Do the leaders of organization sustain an ERP implementation project?
For a successful implementation, the executive organization, and especially those departments that will use ERP intensive, must be an active part of the rollout.

Who will be the project manager for ERP?

What are the specific problems to be solved by ERP?

What will be the metric that you'll use to measure the benefits from the new ERP?
(eg increasing the speed in making offers and closing orders, reducing time for monthly closing process, calculation and reporting / control of revenues, costs, etc.).

Are you willing to change the current activity?

With what modules will you begin implementation of ERP?

Is the ERP solution chosen, open to the new SOA concepts and new technologies?

Will be able to change the new ERP, if your company grow?

These are the criteria for choosing an ERP solution:

1. The technology to achieve the solution, compulsory:
      » SQL database performance
      » developed in pure Web technology
2. Provider's experience in administration, according to the specific profile of beneficiary's business
3. Provider's availability for customize the application
4. Provider's vision of perspective
5. Supplier's procedures / methodology regarding implementation


• Annual upgrade costs
• Initial acquisition costs

The ERP Sirius Interactive Chart


"The ERP modules must be folded directly on your needs, and the solution acquired due to the flexibility, to allow quitting useless modules.

Understanding the flow that you are facing, represents the premise of the approach in choosing the desired characteristics and the ERP modules".


• Oracle Database 11G R2
• Oracle Weblogic Server 11G 10.3.4
• Oracle ADF
• Oracle VM 3.0.3
• Oracle Enterprise Linux 5.5

The ERP Sirius Diagram


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