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Spectrum helps stores wisely to gain their customers loyalty!


At any time of year, your customers can benefit from DISCOUNTS in form of VOUCHERS!

Customer loyalty means a constant customer base, which implicitly generates a stable income. Loyalty, a direct consequence of customer satisfaction growth, can be obtained by using VOUCHERS, which do not involve additional costs of issuance and their distribution or use of additional staff. Vouchers awarded represent a fixed amount or a percentage of the purchase, operating as a credit to be used by the customers at their return in the store, in a profitable circuit for both supplier and customer.

Loyalty campaign through vouchers can be customized and has as objectives: customer loyalty, offering advantages to already loyal customers, increasing customers purchasing frequency, decreasing the number of lost customers, increasing the number of loyal clients.

Spectrum Brasov, a company that develops and provides software solutions, equipment and technical assistance according to customer needs in order to help increasing your profits through customer loyalty campaign.
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