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Complete retail solution

Why should you choose Spectrum's complete retail solution?

In case you own or manage a network of stores, gas-stations, coffee-shops, the complete software solution offered by Spectrum is the ideal package for your business. By implementing this software, you can get a quick optimization of business processes across all industries.

Spectrum's software solution for retail is a complete software package that ensures productive and efficient management of your business. By purchasing the software package provided by our company, your business will benefit from a significantly enhanced activity in all departments.

The partnership with Spectrum will not end in the moment the application has been bought. We will be with you along the way to offer advice and support throughout the application's lifetime to ensure that the software package is used at its maximum capacity and more importantly, with fast, measurable and tangible benefits for your business.


The retail software package developed by Spectrum is a successful and effective solution designed specifically to optimize the activity of the companies in this industry with a very intuitive and easy to use interface.

Through a series of lists and reports, the application provides total control of suppliers, on the supplied quantity and the price negotiated. Through assistance in making purchase orders, it reduces the time needed to perform commands, optimizing the quantity ordered, and preventing OutOfStoc periods and OverStoc periods that would otherwise generate significant revenue losses.

The detailed reports, the comparative analysis of different time periods, stock optimization, control of cashiers, discounts and customer loyalty are features that confidently recommend this top product.

In the suite of applications offered, the focus was on reducing overstock by highlighting products whose ratio stock / turnover exceeds admitted limits. It was also shown that only the top 20% of products, generate 80% of the profit, so by emphasizing and forecasting the out-of-stock periods for the top items the supplying with these products can be optimized and also increase the satisfaction experienced by customers.

These few simple things, easy to access and use, along with a multitude of other features introduced in this suite of applications helps in a pleasant way to streamline activities in their units, and thus increase work efficiency.

The advantages of implementing the complete software solution

Catalogs unique network management: can control all the stores in one location

Customer loyalty and specialized module for facilities

Receptions with the mobile terminal - to improve and ease the process of receiving merchandise, the back-office application gives the operator the possibility of reception of the goods using the mobile terminal

Stock optimization (OUT OF STOCK / OVER STOCK)

Comparative sales analysis

Automating the process of issuing orders to suppliers - the software can be configured to generate commands automatically, and after the operator;s control, to issue the commands to suppliers

Price evolution sales and stocks - the application has a wide range of reports and charts that allow detailed analysis of sales and stock control

Offline sales - it is possible to run the application in the absence of an Internet connection

Increased revenues - by streamlining business processes, your business will benefit from an immediate increase in revenues

Increased customer satisfaction

Increase the flow of customers at the point of sale - thanks to the sales application included in this package, the time spent at the POS will be substantially reduced, leading to greater customer satisfaction and improved flow of customers

Cashiers Control - The software package enables monitoring the operators through a variety of reports.
14th - 20th of January 2019
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Retail Software Solution

Supervisor (Head Office) SMKSupervizor is a management application that allows complete control over the chain stores. This software assists sales office with:
  • unique network management of catalogues
  • operation price changes at existing contracts
  • supervision of all activities in all the stores in the network
  • proposals on prices
  • customer loyalty, management of promotions
SMKBOMatx (Back Office). MATX is a management software that allows the user:
  • total control of suppliers
  • control over the quantity ordered and delivered
  • imposing the purchase price
  • assistance in completion of orders
  • optimization of the quantity ordered
  • control over the POS operators
  • stock control
PosExpert (Front Office) POSExpert is an application for sales, very easy to use. This application allows the beneficiary a much better control on the sales activity and the POS operators.
Among the many benefits of using the sales application are the following:
  • increase of revenues
  • control and minimize losses
  • increase customer flow at the points of sale
  • easy to operate, reduced number of operating errors

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