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Complete software solution for managing and controlling a store or a network of stores

General description:

Introducing a informatic system has a vital role in all fields of activity, especially in the small segment stores where the control of acquisition, the optimal stock and the sales becomes more stringent.

Spectrum and its partners can help you be more competitive and prepared for the future by proposing you to purchase a quality product that proves its stability and efficiency by improving your strategic position in the market.

IBM and EPSON Technologies used in hundreds of applications based on open standards, provide flexibility to respond to market demands and to adopt innovations quickly and safely. All these and other advantages can be obtained at a price for tailored budgets of small and medium companies.

Depending on seasonality, by effectively managing the ordered quantities, we obtain a dynamic growth of shelf space allocated to products so that the products visibility increases and consequently, accelerated turnover occurs which increases customer satisfaction and getting a better return on the profitability.

The program offers a series of lists and reports designed to determine total control of suppliers, on the quantity supplied and the price negotiated acquisition, assistance in completion of orders, which reduces the time needed to perform commands and optimize the quantity ordered, detailed reports , comparative different time periods and products, control of cashiers, stock, etc.

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